Victor Negrescu MEP supports the proposal for the EACE

On 12th January the European Policy Centre hosted an online policy dialogue on the proposal for a European Agency for Citizenship Education with Victor Negrescu MEP. During the discussion of the proposal, he stated his support for establishing an agency dedicated to citizenship education and committed to supporting the launch of a pilot

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The (European) federalist: “Our aim is to develop a European dimension of citizenship education”: An interview with Susanne Zels and Sophie Pornschlegel

“D(e)F: You have launched the initiative Values Unite, a campaign that advocates for the creation of a European Agency for Citizenship Education. What’s that about? Susanne Zels: Our goal is to strengthen European values and thereby social and European cohesion. In the past years, we have seen multiple EU member states violating European values and most

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Die Zeit: “Kämpft für mehr Gemeinsamkeit!”

The German newspaper Die Zeit published an opinion piece by Susanne Zels and Sophie Pornschlegel titled Fighting for more cohesion! Why we need a European Agency for Citizenship Education: “While European leaders focus on the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the critical state of the European community of values goes unnoticed. Numerous EU

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