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We wish to form an alliance of national and European politicians, civil society organisations, citizenship education practitioners and academics to jointly advocate for the proposal of a European Centre for Democratic Competences

A board alliance of supportive individuals and organisations from the field of citizenship education can succeed in illustrating the urgency we face to secure European values. Let’s jointly bring the need for investments in citizenship education to the attention of EU decision-makers. If we join forces EU decision-makers will need to listen and implement the proposal for a European Centre for Democratic Competences. 

Anyone that complies with the European values as set out in article 2 TEU is welcome to join VALUES UNITE.

If we don’t strengthen European action in the field of European citizenship education, we are limiting the capacity of Europeans to fully participate in the democratic life of the Union, which is their right. A European Agency for Citizenship Education could contribute to ensure that citizens have the knowledge to fully participate in shaping the future of the European Project.

Domènec Ruiz Devesa MEP
Deputy for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party to the European Parliament and Spokesperson for the Socialists & Democrats Group in the Constitutional Affairs Committee

How can you join us

  1. Send us an endorsement statement to contribute to our advocacy campaign. To submit an endorsement statement send us a picture of you and a logo of your party group, fraction or organisation. We will publish your endorsement on our website and social media channels. 
  2. Join our network. Get in touch to join our slack channel and stay up to date on Values Unite action for enhancing citizenship education in the EU. 
  3. Become an ambassador for your country. Become part of the team and advocate for the cause in your country.
  4. Find out more about the proposal and Values Unite. We are happy to present the proposal to you in a bilateral meeting or call and answer any questions you might have regarding the proposal. Reach out to us to arrange an exchange. 
  5. Bring in your ideas. We are currently drawing up future actions to advocate for the proposal for the European Centre for Democratic Competences. If you have ideas or suggestions, how to advance the advocacy please let us know!

Democracy isn’t only in the letter of the law, it is in the aspirations, imaginations and actions of the citizens. A European Agency for Citizenship Education could finally help everyone living on this continent find their own agency in inventing a common and more humane European future.

Niccolò Milanese
Director of European Alternatives and Member of the Advisory Board of Networking European Citizenship Education


Let’s jointly establish a network committed to European values and active citizenship to promote the proposal for greater EU investments and activity in citizenship education across Europe. Get in touch with your country ambassador or volunteer as spokesperson for a region to contribute to the cause. 

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