20 APRIL: Online Conference Enhancing citizenship competences

20th April, 10am – 11.15 am

The Enhancing citizenship competences in the EU online conference will explore the possibilities for improved and value-based citizenship education in the European Union (EU). The event will host thought leaders from civil society and policy makers to exchange ideas on the topic and explore the possible creation of new synergies. 

Values Unite is advocating to enhance democratic competences and promote European values through greater EU action in citizenship education – an ambition that is also shared by ECAS. The call for greater EU activities to enhance citizenship competences comes at a critical time for the European Union: today, more than ever, the EU needs active citizens that have the competences to exercise their rights in order to shape its future. The rise of anti-democratic movements within and beyond the 27 Member States can only be tackled jointly by enabling all Europeans to be active citizens. 

While the EU’s competences in education are limited, the discussion paper by Values Unite points out that “a range of EU initiatives already exist in the field of education, including policy cooperation mechanisms and funding instruments” based on Art. 165 TFEU. Especially the application of digital tools can facilitate the enhancement of more and improved citizenship education in the EU. 


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Welcome | Susanne Zels, Co-Founder and Manager (Values Unite)

Keynote: EU citizenship education toolbox I Themis ChristophidouDirector-General (European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture)

Opening words & introduction of the Panel | Assya KavrakovaExecutive Director (ECAS)

Panel Discussion: Promoting European values: top-down or bottom-up? How can the EU ensure citizen ownership of European values on the local level & coherence of their interpretation all over the union through education?

Moderation: Assya KavrakovaExecutive Director (ECAS)

  • Domenec Ruiz DevesaMEP (S&D)
  • Loránt Vincze MEP (EPP)
  • Susanne ZelsCo-Founder and Manager (Values Unite)
  • Petar MarkovicPolicy Leader Fellow (School of Transnational Governance, EUI)


Conference closure | Susanne ZelsCo-Founder and Manager (Values Unite)